6 Ways to Master the Art of Writing a Perfect Blog

Writing has been the go-to option for me and probably is, for everyone else to ease out the stresses that surround us. We may end up penning down our thoughts in our minds, but wouldn’t it yield confidence and the zeal to write more, if we could convey our thoughts through a blog? Writing a PERFECT BLOG may sound like a lot of work but it ain’t any rocket science if you’ve got a passion for writing.

More than that, if you need content to address the wider populace, a blog is the perfect way to make it happen. All you need is a pinch of perseverance, two tablespoons of dedication, and belief in your writing. Then you’re good to go with the perfect blog along with a hot brewing cup of content!

All of us want to create a blog that is easily available on the public domain, and yes we think we deserve a decent number of readers. To make it easier for you, here’s a little lead on how you can achieve this. The best platform to create your blog is WordPress. Now all you need is to select a good domain name and a hosting service and you are good to go!

But now the question of the hour is – how exactly does one ace to write a flawless blog?

So let’s take a look at how you can master the art of writing.

1) It’s All About the Idea!

The first image that pops-up in our mind when we think about an idea is that of a lit bulb. An idea similarly is a clear picture of what we want to write about. The idea can be anything to do with the subject matter of the blog. Something you may want to put an emphasis upon or something you may want to address! However, not all ideas end up making the best content. The idea has to be something that the viewers would want to read about. The requisites of an idea are :

  • Anything that would favor the interest of the readers. One can achieve this by being a social media watchdog and see what’s trending. The idea has to be consonant with the demand of the readers.
  • The idea has to be intriguing and thought-provoking. The content for the blog is secondary to the idea that has to start a stir with it. It is the idea of your blog that breaks the barriers of normalcy and intrigues the reader compelling him to scroll down, ‘comment’ or ‘like’. The content might not do wonders for your blog but the idea definitely will.
Generate Ideas
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2) The Thought Process and the “Oomph” Factor

A human mind has gazillion thoughts in the mind but can you write everything you think? I think not. One can filter the thoughts and conclude to one thought, one idea that has the “oomph factor” in it. By the “oomph factor”, I mean something so sensational and out of the box that addresses the matter differently. There are a lot of blogs on a single idea but none of the articles have the same content. Each blog has a unique identity of its own. The main reason behind it is the thought process put behind an idea.

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Every day, the internet has new articles on a single topic and while one article gets its due recognition, a few may not. The simplest explanation to this is that there is nothing extraordinary in the content that would make the audiences go gaga over it. Content Marketing is for real and to attain the level of marketing, the usage of an out of the box thought process is vital. One cannot achieve the extraordinary by using the ordinary approaches, this also applies to generate content that helps to ace the blogger game of yours!

Thought Process is as important as penning your content down since this can only happen once you have a clear head about what you are going to write. Even if you fail at it eventually, you should try other ways to write on the idea. Find other ways to express your thought. Exert your mind to think into something that you’ve never pondered upon before. You need the patience for the rigorous re-writes and re-checks but do not stop until you start feeling like your content is ready to stir up all the “oomph” in any factor!

3) Make the Crispiest Headline

Make a Crispiest HeadLine
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Words can do wonders to the blog, so why not start with a little bit of wordplay? Once you have an idea and you’ve got your thought process working on it, resort to making a headline for the content that excites the readers to read the entire post. We come across posts with headlines that are so sensational that we cannot stop ourselves from clicking on it. Even though the content in there might seem off, that post ends up having a lot of views that create a demand of its own. When these posts have the audacity to reach the masses, so can your perfect blog. It’s just a matter of a few ironic and spunky words put together. And you’re there with the most eye-captivating headline on a post that might put you on a pedestal.

You can resort to using a headline analyzer and see if your headline has everything, including it being SEO Friendly.

4) Time to Make That Content for the Perfect Blog

Take inspiration from the headline and start penning down your thoughts. Provoke your thought process to the level where you are so motivated, that you unleash the writing beast within. Writing down the whole content within a day might not be possible if the idea of yours requires you to research about it. It’s your blog, you’re at the privilege of taking your sweet time to do what you do best. Below are three things to keep in mind while writing the perfect post.

Pen down your thoughts and write a good blog
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They are:

  • Grammar check: Content with grammatical errors is like an apple pie with the seeds on it. It is not very appealing for a good writer to showcase their content with errors. Because a writer is an expert at writing and there is no room for these errors. Also, the readers might end up losing interest in the blog post because of this. There’s no going back on the lost readers. None of us are perfect or can be, so there’s always some scope for the errors that may miss the eye and you can avail the benefits of “GRAMMARLY”, a grammar check platform which is really helpful.
  • SEO friendly: The content you create has to be Search Engine Optimisation Friendly. The main purpose of your blog is to make it to the online searches. The only way one can achieve this is by organizing the content logically, resorting to keyword optimization by using a keyword on your content majorly, that dominates the searches getting your blog the visibility. This is called Search Engine Optimization.
  • No deviation from the ideation process: The ideation process is important to be held on to, till the end of the content generation process. One shouldn’t attempt to deviate from what he/she has originally planned to write and midway get lost taking a detour from the whole idea. There shouldn’t be any space for the readers to miss the link between the post as it’s no good news. Continuity of the central idea helps to keep the readers engaged until the very end of the article.

5) Images Captivating the Readers

A plain bland post without any images may seem a little off for the readers. This can be avoided by inserting pictures with relation to the content and making sure that the readers’ minds do not shut themselves. A picture attempts to open the mind of the reader, making the reader more engrossed in the content. One can easily get pictures online or from one’s own gallery. But always remember that the picture has to be in consonance with the content and the original owner of the picture should get credits (if taken through online sources). You don’t want to end up in an IPR infringement suit, do you?

Here’s the last and the most important lap of getting into the league of perfect blogs! One can achieve this by posting the blog’s link on social media handles. Surely there will be a few curious heads out there that will click on the link and read it. Initially, you may not get viewers and the reader count might be very less but you shouldn’t give up.

Master the art of writing a blog

No one becomes an ace blogger in a day. There’s no perfect blog that has emerged in a span of 24 hours. Good things take time and so would this. However, you shouldn’t stop marketing your blog anytime soon. Seize every opportunity where there’s a scope for telling the world out there that you own a blog. The more you market, the more readers you’ll generate. You show it off, you get views.

The best way to keep up is to trust your instincts and not get harmed by the criticism that might be thrown at you. One should trust their writing as I do and just keep writing. Also, keep on updating the blog. Despite low reader count or low visitor record and in no time, you’ll have a perfect blog.

Well, that’s all for today and if you have missed my previous blog then you need not worry. Just click here and hope you have a happy reading:)

Thank You!

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